Our Process

Our Architectural Process

When working with Castleworth Architects your journey includes a simple eight step process. We’re here to ensure your journey is an exciting one and we’re with you each and every step of the way to ensure your vision, timeframe and budget is achieved.

Step 1: Concept Design

Working together we develop an in depth brief and outline your vision, budget, timeframes, establish a project program and ascertain which consultants will be required. Based on the brief we commence work on the concept plans. We are a technologically advanced architecture office, all our projects are documented in 3D modeling software to enhance visualisation. We also create a personal online inspiration board where all the project ideas can be collated.

Step 2: Design Development

Based on the approved concept plans we refine and develop the design to a higher level and start engaging with other consultants for preliminary advice and design coordination. By the end of this stage you will have a proficient understanding of your project. At this point in the project you are invited into our studio for a truly immersive virtual reality experience. Once you put on the VR Goggles you will be able to walkthrough your whole project.

Step 3: Development Approval

We will advise you at the very start if your project requires a development application. If required, we will prepare the necessary documentation and work closely with the town planner and other consultants to submit the appropriate documentation to council to allow for easy approvals.

Step 4: Building Approvals

By this stage the majority of the design and documentation has been completed, this includes the documentation by all other appointed consultants. We will then review and compile all the drawings and certificates in a package to submit to a certifier for statutory approval. At this point construction can legally commence.

Step 5: Construction Documents

The construction documentation is a stage we highly recommend to ensure that you have total control and a proficient understanding of the finer detail in your architecturally designed project. During this step we will assist you with the selection of all your fixtures, fittings, lighting and electrical hardware; as well as, provide samples of all internal and external material & colours. In addition to the plans submitted in stage 4 we will provide technical documentation to set forth in detail the scope of works for the builder. Why do we feel this is important? It ensures a more accurate construction cost from the builder and eliminates variations.

Step 6: Interior Design (Optional)

The interior design is a key component of the overall architecture. Working with our team we will assist you to design and document all your interior joinery, cabinetry, feature walls, fixtures and fittings. This step will include the creation of schedules detailing all of the selections for your project from cabinetry colours to plumbing fixtures This is where the virtual walkthrough is a truly magical and immersive experience, as you get to see all aspects of your project both inside and out. We can even assist with staging your property.

Step 7: Contractor Selection

We will assist you to find the right builder for your project, this can be achieved through a tender process or a negotiated offer. How do we ensure your project success? We nominate builders that we’ve worked with in the past with a proven track record.

Step 8: Contract Administration

This stage involves the administration of the building contract to ensure that the project is being executed in accordance with the contract terms and construction documentation. Why appoint an architect for this stage? We will carry out periodic site visits, prepare progress reports, review invoices, provide technical advice and assistance to the builder, review work for compliance, advise on extensions of time and additional fees, provide instruction to rectify defective works, review the works at practical and final completion and ensure that all necessary paperwork has been completed.